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Drone & STEM is an innovative STEM concept centered on drone technologies for middle and high school students. This unique initiative helps students connect STEMs learned in the classroom with real-world applications.

This comprehensive program includes the Drone Kit and the bilingual e-learning platform enabling students to engage in building a stunning prototype while training them in the latest technologies. Drone & STEM encourages students to experiment, discover and realize unlimited applications that will change the way they see the world, their world.

Drone & STEM can easily be implemented as part of an extracurricular activity starting from 9th grade.

Passion for STEM

Applying STEMs in the construction of a drone is not work, it’s fun. As soon as students open the kit, they will want to start building right away – we lead students from STEMs in the classroom to STEMs in the industry.

Pathways to success

Starting with the Drone Kit, students explore the why and how of construction, leading them from one STEM concept to another, all the way to emerging technologies and innovative solutions where STEM connects them to their community.

More than just building

Students collaborate on other real-world challenges such as flying on a flight simulator where they learn valuable leadership skills. Along the way, they explore and select from the multitude of cutting-edge technologies they can add to their aerial robot.

Valuable skills for tomorrow's careers

The end result is a student who takes reflected risks, engages in experiential learning, synthesizes STEM knowledge, persists in problem- solving, and embraces collaboration. This is our goal.

Get your Drone & STEM Workshop Off the Ground

Drone Kit

Drone Kit

A complete kit with components recognized by industry leaders, simple and safe tools, open source software, a flight simulator and much more.



The Drone Kit is crafted within a rich online STEM curriculum. Each E-module is an unforgettable educational journey.



Teachers and educators do not need any experience in drone technologies, building, coding or flying.



By phone or email for any questions. A drone educator will visit your workshop at least once during your program.

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